How to export mails from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook

This show how you can export mails from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook without using Microsoft Outlook Express which is not existing in Windows 7. Also covering eml files to .pst file.


First of all you need to export the mails from Thunderbird to eml files. This can be done by using the free tool: "ImportExportTools (MboxImport enhanced)" from the site:


From this site you download the ImportExportTools-x.x.xpi extension which can then be installed in Thunderbird in the "Funktioner" (danish) and then select "Tilføjelser" (danish). From here you can point out the .xpi file you want to install into Thunderbird.  (x.x will be a current version number in the file name)


After this you need to select the folder or each mail you want to export as an .eml file.


I you need all mail in the inbox you select the inbox folder by selecting it using your mouse. Then right click and the folder and choose the first menu "Import/Export, and choose "Export all messages in the folder" and again chose Eml-format.


Select the folder you want to export to and press ok.





Now we have to import these to Microsoft Outlook without using Outlook Express (in Windows 7 you do no have the option to have Outlook Express as this is removed)


Now go to the site:


And buy and download the program "Outlook Import Wizard".


By following the instructions ( you are able to select the .pst file that Microsoft Outlook are using (just use the default folder - the program knows where this is). No select the folder where you did the eml-eksport to and the wizard selects all the eml-files automatically. Choose where you want the import to be placed (í did make a new folder "import eml").  Press the button and wupti !! the mails are now in Outlook in the right date format and with all attachments still attached.


Nice tool !!! All the money worth.


Henrik J. Koch / 1. Sept. 2009


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