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SleepTracker - Wake up alert and energetic everyday!

The revolutionary new SLEEPTRACKER® monitors your body and continuously looks for your best possible waking times. SLEEPTRACKER® wakes you up at just the right moment - during a window of time that YOU set. Imagine not feeling tired in the morning and getting a few extra minutes out of your day. Now it's possible with SLEEPTRACKER®.

Worn like an everyday watch, SLEEPTRACKER® is ideal for anyone who wants to wake up alert and ready to start the day, such as frequent travelers across time zones, business people looking for an extra edge, students with fluctuating schedules, or busy moms who need to wake up easily.

How does SLEEPTRACKER? work?

SLEEPTRACKER® continuously monitors signals from your body that indicate whether you are asleep or awake.

Because you wear SLEEPTRACKER® on your wrist like a watch, its internal sensors can detect even the most subtle physical signals from your body. SLEEPTRACKER® finds your best waking moments, so that waking up has never been easier. When you sleep, your body goes through a series of sleep cycles.

The average adult experiences 4-5 full sleep cycles over an 8-hour period. Each cycle lasts about 90-110 minutes and comprises five different stages, as illustrated by this chart.No two people have the same sleep cycles, and nobody has the same cycle twice.

Many factors can influence sleep cycles, including diet, exercise, medications, drugs or alcohol, stress, sleep disorders, and sleep deprivation. Age and gender can play a role, too:women tend to sleep more soundly than men, and as we age, we sleep more restlessly.


A typical sleep cycle has five stages and takes 90-110 minutes.


During Stage 1 of your sleep cycle, you sleep lightly.


At Stage 2, your sleep gets progressively deeper.


At Stages 3 and 4, also known as "Delta sleep," you sleep most heavily; this is when your body rebuilds itself.


Stage 5 of sleep, also known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, is marked by extensive physiological changes, such as accelerated respiration, increased brain activity, rapid eye movement, and muscle relaxation. People dream during REM sleep. In the first third of the night, Delta sleep stages last longer than REM stages. As the night progresses, Delta sleep diminishes in length. By the last third of the night, Delta sleep usually ceases, while REM stages lengthen.


SLEEPTRACKER® may find multiple almost-awake moments within the sleep cycle. Almost-awake moments may also vary in frequency throughout the night.By monitoring your sleep cycles for optimal waking moments during the preset ALARM WINDOW, SLEEPTRACKER? finds those almost awake-moments and gently wakes you when you're most alert. The result: You wake up refreshed instead of groggy. Waking up has never been easier.

Logitech MX610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse

Logitech , the world's leading manufacturer of computer mice, today announced the end of discrimination against the left hand. Some of the smartest and most creative people in the world favor their left hand, but they have always had to adapt to a world dominated by the right hand. While many have adapted well and become great achievers in spite of this hardship : Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle, Mahatmah Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Mozart, for example left-handers finally have a choice when it comes to a computer mouse. Sculpted to fit the left hand, the Logitech MX™610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse provides the same advantages afforded to the right hand, with Logitech's precision laser tracking system, advanced cordless technology, navigation controls, and e-mail and instant message notifications.


Until now, most left-handed computer users, including Logitech president and chief executive officer Guerrino De Luca, have only had the choice of navigating with an ambidextrous-shaped mouse or unnaturally using their right hand to scroll, point and click, which can be awkward and frustrating.

"The MX™610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse is now my mouse of choice," De Luca said. With people spending more time using a personal computer as they work, communicate and play, the comfort of a mouse has become increasingly important. Left-handers haven't had great mouse choices until now. This new mouse allows them to take advantage of the same advanced Logitech mouse technologies as our right-handed customers, while using their favored hand to make computer navigation more efficient and their experience richer.


Comfortable Design, Versatile Controls and Notifications

With contoured thumb and pinky-finger grips, the Logitech MX™610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse fits naturally in the left hand. The mouse's soft-touch grips help make it more comfortable to hold over long periods of time.


A mirror image of the award-winning Logitech MX™610 Laser Cordless Mouse, this versatile new mouse features 10 buttons, including e-mail and instant messaging buttons that illuminate when new messages are received within Microsoft, Outlook, Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Instant Messenger. With a wireless range of up to 30 feet, people can take the mouse as they step away from the computer, and still be notified when important messages arrives. The mouse also includes volume up, down and mute buttons for controlling music on the PC. Logitech's Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom scroll wheel allows people to effortlessly scroll left, right, up and down, and zoom in and out of images, Web pages and open documents.


Laser Tracking for Premium Performance

With Logitech's laser technology, the Logitech MX610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse tracks more precisely and will work on a wider variety of surfaces than optical mice. Logitech was the first company to introduce a mouse with laser tracking. The precise nature of laser light allows a laser mouse to see much greater surface detail than a typical optical mouse with a red light-emitting diode (LED).


Logitech 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless

The Logitech MX610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse includes a 2.4 GHz USB micro-receiver that reduces the possibility of wireless interference and latency. The receiver connects instantly with the mouse when it is plugged into a desktop or a notebook PC. As the mouse and wireless receiver send information back and forth, the mouse periodically may sense a wireless interruption or interference. In a matter of moments, the mouse seamlessly shifts the wireless channel until it finds one that is interference-free. The micro-receiver eliminates clutter created by larger corded receivers.


Smart Power Management

The Logitech MX610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse has an expected battery life of up to three months with regular use, a significant accomplishment considering its powerful Logitech MX Laser engine. The mouse achieves this long battery life by mimicking the power status of the computer to which it is connected. As it sends and receives wireless signals, the mouse can sense when the PC has gone into sleep mode or is shut down, and the mouse powers down accordingly. Also, when the mouse battery level is low less than 10 percent of full charge an indicator light on the mouse illuminates.,CRID=2135,CONTENTID=11532


Thank You to Guerrino De Luca (President and Chief Executive Officer of Logitech International SA),

You are a frind to the lefties! - regards Henrik J. Koch, Denmark



Left-Handers Day - 13th August, The official website for international celebration of left-handedness - information, entertainment and product offers for left handed people


Palm Vein Authentication System

Industry leading biometric authentication technology for high-security applications


The Fujitsu PalmSecure is a palm vein based authentication system that utilizes the latest in biometric security technology. Answering a worldwide need from governments to the private sector, this contactless device offers an easy-to-use, hygienic solution for verifying identity.


With the introduction of its next generation product, the Fujitsu PalmSecure now boasts a dramatically faster authentication rate, with verification time reduced to about half the time of the original model. In addition, the new sensor features a more compact form factor at roughly one-fourth the size of its predecessor, which will provide greater flexibility and ease of implementation in a variety of applications.


The Fujitsu PalmSecure works by capturing a person's vein pattern image while radiating it with near-infrared rays. The deoxidized hemoglobin in the PalmSecure? absorbs these rays, thereby reducing the reflection rate and causing the veins to appear as a black pattern. This vein pattern is then verified against a pre-registered pattern to authenticate the individual.


As veins are internal in the body and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security. Additionally, the sensor of the PalmSecure? device can only recognize the pattern if the deoxidized hemoglobin is actively flowing within the individual's veins.


The opportunities to implement PalmSecure span a wide range of vertical markets, including security, financial/banking, healthcare, commercial enterprises and educational facilities. Applications for the device include physical admission into secured areas; log-in to PCs or server systems; access to POS, ATMs or kiosks; positive ID control; and other industry-specific applications.


With the Fujitsu PalmSecure and with considerable experience in image processing and recognition technology, Fujitsu expects to be a leader in providing solutions for the biometric security industry.


Hello Per Fisker Nielsen - this is what you need !!! . Regards Henrik J. Koch


Aim the SkyScout at the night sky, look through the sight, and, using GPS technology, it will instantly identify the planet, star or constellation you?re looking at. You can also locate specific celestial objects, like Mars, by browsing a list and then following the red arrows seen through the viewfinder. The SkyScout is perfect for casual stargazing, as well as an educational tour, thanks to its 6000-object database and optional ?Sky Tour? audio presentations.




Identifies celestial objects with the click of a button

Locates over 6,000 stars, planets and constellations from built-in celestial database and provides scientific information for each object

Provides comprehensive text and audio descriptions providing history, mythology and other entertaining information for the most popular objects

Tonight's Highlights: A customized list of the 20 best objects to view for your exact date, time and location anywhere in the world

Constellation Lessons: if the star you identify or locate is part of a constellation like the Big Dipper, you can actually take a guided tour through all the stars in that constellation and even see an onscreen map of the constellation

Built-in Field Guide Includes:

Introduction to astronomy: a six part audio lesson on the origin and history of astronomy

Glossary of Terms: text defining popular astronomy terms including planets, comets, galaxies and more

Great Astronomers: text bios on some of the world's greatest astronomers including Galileo, Einstein and Copernicus

Man Made Space Objects: text description of some of the coolest objects man has sent into space including the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Shuttle

Comet Guide: text descriptions about history's most famous comets including Halley's Comet and Comet Hale-Bop

SD card slot: for optional ?Sky Tour? audio presentations that provide hours of entertainment on a variety of topics

USB port: allows database to be updated with new objects as they are discovered, comets, etc.

Simple enough for all ages: just turn it on and it?s ready to use

Built-in Help Menu: includes a quick start instruction guide for using the SkyScout

Bring it anywhere: compact and light design makes it easy to carry and durable construction makes it safe for rugged environments

Backed by Celestron's 2-year warranty

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