Syncronizing Your Outlook with Google Calendar

I want to use my PocketPC to get all the calendar items from my Google Calandar which I share with my wife. She is very nice to update this using the webinterface.


I then want to get all this calendar data into my calendar og my PocketPC. But how ?


I found a way through.  Using an open source program called "RemoteCalendars". After installing this you are able to syncronize your local Outlook calendar with data from Google Calendar - Very Smart ! - And it is for free.


You can download this program from this link:

Follow the installation instructions included and you will now have the following added to your Outlook program.

When you have installed this you will find this dialog box. Fill in the link to your Google Calendar. This can be found this way.


You have to set it up to your ICAL adress of you Google Calendar. This can be found in the administation settings for your google calendar.




You have to press the button called ICAL in the private part of the page. See the blue arrow on the picture below.


I new dialog box is appearing.

Cut & Paste this link into the box in item 1.



You are now connected and next time you start outlook it syncronizes data from Google Calendar with your local installation of outlook.


Nice !

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