Now after several weeks with a problem with my Windows7 installation,  I now belive that this problem can be checked as solved.


Every time I shut down my PC running windows7 (not sleep but total shut-down),  the last thing to see before shutting down was a blue screen with:






After this bluescreen the PC booted and made a minidump file in the folder:  C:\Windows\Minidump. It then restarted - an the PC was in this way not shutting down if I did not at this time press the power button for several seconds to make it go off. 


By investigating the message and the minidump file I found that the smwdm.sys refers to the driver for my integrated sound card (sound max). My mainboard is the good old ASUS P4C800-E-Deluxe (yes working fine with windows7) CPU 3.2 GHz, 3 GByte RAM.


Windows7 installed its own driver for the Analog Devices integrated sound when I installed windows7 on my PC. But using this driver (written for windows7 i think?) makes it fail when closing down windows and resulting in blue screen as described.



Instead I found the XP driver form ASUS homepage (find download link on this page) . This does not installl (wrong operation system) when just using the setup.exe. But instead go to Device Manager and manually install a new driver that you select (manually !!). Use the .inf. file in the XP folder (\1985WDM_3630\AD1985\SMAXWDM\W2K_XP). This will install the old driver from 2003.


Now It works without the blue screen :-)


H.J.KOCH Sept. 27. 2009



XP driver


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